Mr:Ali Altheeb

President of Arab Union for Human

Development & Investment


Ali Bin Jaber Altheeb

Ali Altheeb President of Arab Union for Human Development & Investment

We were found to be trained to develop, to transfer all our scientific, practical and training knowledge and experiences to advance the human mind, spread the culture of training and create a new generation capable of change and making the future we hope for.
I believe that the next generation is a builder of its nation’s civilization, a generation that can have the capabilities and in pursuit of the 2030 vision

Mr. Ali Bin Jaber Al-Theeb, , President of the Arab Federation for Human Development and Investment, Branch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, trainer in the field of personal and professional development – trainer in the field of human development – specializing in change management, specialized in identifying the training needs of institutions and sectors in modern ways.

Ali Altheeb President of Arab Union for Human Development & Investment

Our message

My message is that training is an honorable profession, and its outputs should be worthy of this profession

Practical experiences

1- Senior translator at the Saudi Company for Strategic Services 1990 ABV Rock Group
2- Assistant Director of Internal and External Recruitment
3- Personnel manager
4- Human Resources Supervisor at Banque Saudi Fransi 1999
5- Customer services at Saudi Airlines 2000
6- Senior translator at Venail Company for Military Services in Riyadh 2005
7- Chief Translator at the Military Hospital 2005
8- Assistant Director of Human Resources
9- Director of Training at the Military Hospital (so far)

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Training accreditations and memberships

1- A certified trainer at the Chamber of Commerce in Abha.
2- A certified consultant and trainer at the Arab Training Academy
3- A certified trainer at the Learning for Life Training Institute
4- Certified Trainer with Kafaat for Business
7- A certified trainer from the British Institute for Training and Consulting
8- Member of the Canadian Association for Training Montreal
9- A member of the Arab Kaizen
10- Membership of the Arab Trainers Union
11- Membership of the New World International Institute
12- Membership of the Kuwaiti Coaches Syndicate

The most important courses you have taken​

Management course for Mr. Thabet Hegazy
The Ten Commandments of the International Coach Stephen Covey, Bahrain
staff performance Evaluation
Diploma in modern methods of training for two weeks in the United Arab Emirates.
KPI session
There are many courses that cannot be mentioned, amounting to more than 80 courses

1- Modern leadership course
2- Leadership course for directors of health centers in Khamis Mushait
3- KPI
course 4- Change management course for more than 4 times
5- Arabic language courses for non-native speakers for more than a year, each course is three months (voluntary)
6- Trust course 7-
Identification of Saudi training needs
8- Identification of training needs Egypt L&D Expert Company
9- The Little Leader
10- The reason for low employee productivity
11- Career excellence.
12- Professional ethics
13- Preparing training plans
14- Professionally building work teams

15- Translating medical terminology for a period of 3 months
16- Identity industry
17- Loyalty and job affiliation
18- Solving problems and making decisions
19- Bullying and its types
20- Personality patterns
21- Personal planning
22- The quadruple corruption in the world
23- Methods and methods of building creativity and innovation (paper Work)
24- Time Management
25- Management by Objectives
26- The Art of Diction
27- Work Pressure
28- E-Marketing

positions for which I have been nominated

1- Secretary of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee
2- Deputy Secretary-General of the African Relief Organization
3- A certified consultant and trainer at the Arab Academy for Training
4- President of the Arab Union for Human Development and Technical and Technological Training (Saudi Arabia)
5- President of the International Federation for Sustainable Development IUSD (Saudi Arabia)
6 – Ambassador of training in the Arab world at the Golden Mind Foundation approved by the Organization and Administration of the Egyptian Council of Ministers GMI


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