My biography


Ali Bin Jaber Al-Theeb

Trainer in the field of personal and professional development.
Trainer in the field of human development
Specialized in change management
Specialized in identifying the training needs of institutions and sectors in modern ways.
My message is that training is an honorable profession, and its outputs must be worthy of this profession

Courses I have trained:

1 – Modern driving course
2 – Leadership course for health center managers in Khamis Mushait
3- KPI cycle
4- Change management course more than 4 times
5- Courses teaching Arabic to non-native speakers for more than one year, each course three months long (voluntary)
6- Self-confidence course for the Tarahum Association for Abha Prisons
7- Identifying Saudi training needs
8- Identifying training needs, Egypt L&D Expert Company
9- The little leader
10- The reason for low employee productivity
11- Professional excellence.
12- Professional ethics
13- Preparing training plans
14- Building work teams professionally
15- Translation of medical terminology for 3 months
16- Identity industry
17- Loyalty and job affiliation
18- Problem solving and decision making
19- Bullying and its types
20- Personality types
21- Personal planning
22- The corruption quartet in the world
23- Ways and methods of building creativity and innovation (working paper)
24- Time management
25- Management by objectives
26- The art of speech
27- Work pressures
28- Electronic marketing

The unions and institutes that I represent

1-Secretary of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee
2-Deputy Secretary-General of the African Relief Organization
3- Certified consultant and trainer at the Arab Academy for Training
4-President of the Arab Union for Human Development and Technical and Technological Training (Saudi Arabia)
5-President of the International Union for Sustainable Development (IUSD) (Saudi Arabia)
6-Training Ambassador in the Arab World at the Golden Mind Foundation accredited by the Organization and Administration Authority of the Egyptian Council of Ministers G.M.I.

Centers and institutes

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