FDA Takes Steps to Advance the Development of Novel Therapies for Stimulant Use Disorders

Another medication for meth addiction, ibudilast, may reduce some of the pleasurable effects of meth. CM interventions for meth addiction typically offer incentives for continued abstinence. You may receive a voucher or other reward in exchange for drug-free urine samples. The voucher’s monetary value increases the longer you go without using meth. Some are related to your environment and life experiences, such as having friends who use drugs.

meth addiction treatment

Agonists for dopamine receptors mimic the action of monoamines to provide modest levels of METH reward/reinforcement. One of the reasons for the lack of efficacy of dopaminergic medications in MUD is a decrease in dopamine D2 receptor levels in the striatal sub-regions in people chronically abusing METH [69-73]. The American Journal on Addictions published meth addiction studies showing that around 40 percent of people seeking treatment for methamphetamine abuse also reported struggling with anxiety. Mood and anxiety disorders and drug abuse co-occur at rates as high as 50 percent, NIDA publishes. People who regularly inject the drug may suffer from collapsed veins and a higher risk for contracting HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

After Care And Support Groups

A person with METH-positive or missing urine sample is moved down the escalating schedule [78]. The studies that assessed CM efficacy in reducing METH abuse or dependence showed positive outcomes when comparing MUD patients to control group participants or CM to other behavioral therapies [74, 76]. The benefits of CM intervention included reduced drug use, better treatment retention, reduction in psychiatric symptoms, higher utilization of other treatments and medical services, and reductions in risky sexual behavior. Importantly, CM worked not only in research treatment settings but also in community programs for MUD [79, 80]. Despite the differences in experimental design, of the 27 studies on CM effectiveness in MUD, only one found that CM did not effectively reduce METH use [81].

  • Addiction encompasses not only physical changes (such as dependence) but harmful behaviors that affect every aspect of an individual’s life.
  • Meth addiction can be harmful to health, to the extent that it can even be fatal.
  • If a drug is so dangerous, so addictive, and so debilitating, why do people use it?

Among those are oxytocin, doxazocin, lobeline, disulfiram, acamprosate, atomoxetine, and entacapone (). Apart from medications, another novel approach being tested for MUD treatment is the administration of METH antibodies (passive immunotherapy) or compounds that turn the body’s own immune system against METH (active immunotherapy). Passive METH immunotherapy involves vaccination with a pre-produced high affinity monoclonal antibody designed to bind to METH in https://ecosoberhouse.com/ a bloodstream following METH administration. Active METH immunotherapy involves vaccination with an immunogenic METH-containing conjugate which is able to stimulating specific antibodies capable of sequestering METH in the periphery [124]. Reduction of METH entering the brain diminishes its reinforcing effects, thus reducing METH use and relapse [125]. Prevalence of methamphetamine (METH) use (A) and METH use disorder (B) between 2015 and 2019 in the US [8].

Ways to Support Black Women With Depression, and Why It Can Be Harder to Detect

When combined with hallucinations, paranoia may cause a meth user to become overly suspicious of those around them and may even believe that people are out to get them. Outpatient treatment often provides many of the same treatment interventions as inpatient care; however, a person lives at home rather than in the treatment facility. Prior research has looked at each of these drugs separately and not found any significant impact on meth use.

meth addiction treatment

The Matrix Model is an evidence-based treatment program that was designed specifically to treat stimulant drug addiction, including cocaine use disorder and methamphetamine use disorder. After you finish the detox period, you can choose to participate in a behavioral therapy program. These therapy models are the most effective for treating methamphetamine use disorder specifically.

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